About Us

It all started with a phone call!

Two brothers from two completely different industries and 13 years apart founded Fiverfly in 2016. Dan owned a car dealership and Paul was the president of a media company and both found themselves searching for a new business challenge. Dan decided to call his older (Dan might say MUCH older) brother for a business brainstorm session. To Dan's surprise, Paul had an idea that he had been forming in his mind for several months.

Paul's background in the media world provided him with the understanding of the problems that small businesses have managing the content of their Facebook pages. Dan, as a small business owner, immediately related to this idea, as he self-admittedly confessed his car dealership's Facebook page "totally SUCKED." Just like that - Fiverfly was founded!

For several months the business took its normal twists and turns with people coming and going and software packages created until the business finally started to take shape. In August 2016, Fiverfly launched into the market and since then has had tremendous success!

Fiverfly is based in what is commonly called "Silicon Slopes," or beautiful Salt Lake City. Dan loves the outdoors and you can find him skiing on the beautiful world famous powder in Salt Lake City or camping and hiking in Moab. Paul has completed multiple IronMan competitions all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. You can commonly find him training or at his favorite beach in Maui.

If you ever get a chance to meet or talk to either of these natural born entrepreneurs you will find two vastly different personalities, but both have the common passion to help businesses find success.

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